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Celine Wan

Greetings dear netizens! As the creator of this blog, I really do hope that you find this resourceful and
interesting all the same.

To note, I do not major in History, Anthropology, or the like. In fact, I am just a Science student who have completed my GCE A levels. Fond of mythologies, anthropology, cultures, folklore, and histories of almost any kind, I have decided to document my findings in the form of articles; compiling my research and rewriting- or plagiarizing- materials to facilitate namely amateurs with a keen interest in history.

Also, do not be surprised that majority of our posts are based on women: we tend to be naturally more fascinated by females in history-- but this blog would not be devoid of males' stories so don't think too much about it :)

You can visit more about me here

Xuelin Yeong

Co-author of the blog, a self-proclaimed multipotentialite     
whose interests are widespread. History is just one of many.

While I used to focus on specific historical figures in the past, I have come to see history in a different light over the
years. Apart from the colourful and quirky personalities out
there whose names precede long Wikipedia entries, most are
in fact, ordinary men and women, driven by the very same
desires as we modern folk are, yet living in very different
conditions, bound by the conventions of their time, just as we
are subjects of our individual circumstances.

Moving forward, I aim to place more emphasis on historical
lifestyles, i.e. how people lived, dressed, ate and worked in the
past. My primary interest is the history of Chinese dress, but I will be blogging about anything that happens to catch my
interest at the point of writing.

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