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Celine Wan

Greetings dear netizens! As the creator of this blog, I really do hope that you find this resourceful and
interesting all the same.

To note, I do not major in History, Anthropology, or the like. In fact, I am just a Science student who have completed my GCE A levels. Fond of mythologies, anthropology, cultures, folklore, and histories of almost any kind, I have decided to document my findings in the form of articles; compiling my research and rewriting- or plagiarizing- materials to facilitate namely amateurs with a keen interest in history.

Also, do not be surprised that majority of our posts are based on women: we tend to be naturally more fascinated by females in history-- but this blog would not be devoid of males' stories so don't think too much about it :)

You can visit more about me here

Xuelin Yeong

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women are merely players“

So said Shakespeare. If history is a stage, on which colourful personalities act, my interest is to pull back the curtains and peek into the powder rooms. Namely, to look at the great men and women as the human beings they really are, with their triumphs and trials, strengths and flaws.

Like Celine, I'm not a historian. My interests are wide and varied, from Physics, which I'm about to major in, to arts and literature, and of course, history.

My posts are a compilation of the things I've read, that caught my interest, and some information from books and the web. It may not hold as much credibility as a historian's first-hand account, but I'll try to get the facts as accurate as possible.

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